Here’s what the baseball experts have said about Falling in Love With Baseball

“Every player who ever played the great game of baseball wants to be remembered. It is the greatest gift that a fan can give a player. Chris Mavraedis gives us an insightful look at the special relationship between fan and player from the wonderful perspective of having been both.”—Mike Krukow, San Francisco Giants TV color commentator, former MLB & Giants starting pitcher

“From playing the game to being a great fan, Chris Mavraedis has seen it all. Explore his ecstatic times and also the agony. Falling in Love with Baseball is a great read from a person I proudly call a friend.” —Rich Aurilia, former MLB player/Giants shortstop

“Chris ‘Mavo’ is the most devoted baseball fan in the San Francisco Bay Area. His sense of wonder about the game comes through in every sentence he writes and every anecdote he recalls.”—Andrew Baggerly, Giants beat writer, Bay Area News Group

“Is there such a thing as Candlestick Park nostalgia? I felt a heavy surge reading Chris Mavraedis’s book. Much of the San Francisco Giants’ rich history is lovingly told here, certain to rekindle some cherished memories. Having lost my father to ALS, and knowing Chris suffers from that dreaded malady, I gained even deeper respect for his work. A treasure.”—Bruce Jenkins, sports columnist, San Francisco Chronicle

“Then there’s Chris Mavraedis’ poignant tribute, “Falling in Love With Baseball.” Mavraedis grew up with the Giants from the start (1958 at Seals Stadium) and became a semi-pro ballplayer himself, but he was diagnosed with ALS in 2009 and is now unable to speak. He most certainly can write, telling his stories from a fan’s perspective. Mavraedis, wrote Marty Lurie in the foreword, is “the most courageous, remarkable person I have ever met in baseball.”” -. June 9, 2017 San Francisco Chronicle by Bruce Jenkins