A Birthday Party to Remember!

It’s been a thrilling few days for our lovely niece Christine and I!  Friday we got to watch batting practice on the field. Saturday was even more thrilling … Christine and I had the tremendous honor of going to private 80th birthday party for Giants Hall of Fame member Orlando Cepeda at our ballpark!!! Then after the party we got to watch the game in a suite the Giants set aside for Orlando and his guests. Talk about a day!!

I had to keep pinching myself to realize this was really happening. Some my favorite Giants players from the 1960s to the 1980s were there and I got to meet all of them!  

Thank you to our dear friends Bob & Audrey Sockolov for making this possible. Here’s a few of the highlights we captured in photos.  

3 thoughts on “A Birthday Party to Remember!”

  1. Oh my goodness, dear, dear Chris!!
    WHAT a fabulous rendition of this memorable day!!!
    Leave it to YOU to write and express such wonderful feelings about this most special time honoring our dear friend, Orlando!
    YOU are awesome and we love you!!

    1. Thank you Bob & Audrey! I’m glad you enjoyed my recap of this very special day.

      Love you both!

  2. I grew up with Chris but I don’t know if he is the Chris I grew up with. We played much baseball together. I am Rick Wilson living in Colombia. I hope we can hook up again.

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