Exciting Week! The Books are HERE and Other News!

My editor, Bob Sockolov and his wife Audrey along with my wife Elizabeth and I wait for Willie to arrive
My wife! Lizzy, hugging Willie
Shaking the Say Hey Kid’s hand! What a thrill!

It was an extremely exciting week for us for multiple reasons! The first few copies of the book showed up Monday! It was emotional and exciting for me to see my name as the author of a book. The book is flat out BEAUTIFUL. The printing and binding are great quality. It’s loaded with great pictures that make it the perfect coffee table book.

Then Tuesday we had the privilege and thrill to visit my idol’s, Willie Mays, suite for me to present him the first copy! I tell you it was an honor and thrilling for me to personally present the first copy of my book to the Say Hey Kid the best player I ever saw play baseball!! Willie then signed a few copied copies for me. One is mine that I will treasure until my last breath and the few others will be auctioned off to benefit the ALS Association at a future event. Check here for more about that event soon.

Willie and his lovely personal assistant, Rene, then left before the game because he was tired. He is 86 now and had had an earlier engagement. But before he left he graciously offered for us to stay in his suite for the game!!! It was unbelievable! Here Lizzy and I were by ourselves in my idol’s suite enjoying the free excellent food and drink while watching the Giants arch rivals the Dodgers. Are you kidding me???? The Giants capped off a memorable night by beating the Dodgers 2-1. Besides the birth of my children it was the biggest thrill of my life to meet my idol and have him graciously offer us his suite … the only thing that would’ve topped it was if Willie had stayed too!!

The next thing that made me emotional in this pinch-me week was seeing my book on sale at the Giants Dugout store. It was surreal seeing my book alongside the other baseball books.

My beautiful wife, Lizzy, and I have been truly blessed this week!

15 thoughts on “Exciting Week! The Books are HERE and Other News!”

  1. Wow truly amazing Mavo ! What a gift, forever cherish this moment in history ! ⚾️ The story is one of American life ⚾️ And a luv ship of the greatest game ever !

    1. Thanks Billy! Coming from my best centerfielder that means a lot. Your book should arrive soon. ⚾

    1. Thanks Bill! It’s called America’s Pastime for a good reason. It is the BEST game we’ve developed!

  2. Chris, excitement beyond words!! So happy for you and Liz. Can’t wait for mine to arrive.

    1. Thanks Clem! It truly thrilling beyond words. Your book should be there soon.

  3. Chris,
    I know I’m not married to you anymore but I really don’t know how proud I am of you for doing your dream come true……. nice pictures of Liz and you with Williie Mays
    I still remember all the games we went to while we were dating…..
    Congratulations on the book

    1. Thank you Kathy! Yes, those were special times when we were young and went to games. We saw some great teams and players!


  4. Awww my heart is so happy for you both !!! I can’t imagine how excited and happy you must be to experiment all of these amazing blessings. You and Liz have worked so hard and you both deserve every bit of joy and success ! Will be buying my copies this week!

    1. Thank you sweetheart! It has been an extremely exciting week. It was thrilling beyond words to meet my idol, Willie Mays, have him sign books and most thrilling of all get then use of his suite for the game! Unbelievable!

      The book is on sale in the Giants Dugout stores and is being well received. I hope you enjoy the book when you read it.

      Thanks again!


  5. Chris,
    I have fond memories of you and dad watching the giants on tv. If I recall correctly I would ask if it was a “bye bye baby” when I heard cheering on tv. You would say “no Monique-ee it was a base hit”. Then when is it a bye bye baby? So you would explain it to me a lot. Good memories.

    Willie Mays is also a hero of mine. In 2009 when Coulter graduated from San Francisco State University, Willie Mays gave the commencement address and received a honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. I couldn’t wait to call you and tell you about it.

    My favorite Bewitched episode is Twitch or Treat where Mays played a warlock. Daron asked Samantha if he was a warlock and her answer was “with the way he hits!”

    I can’t wait to read Falling In Love With Baseball. I love your stories. They way you write makes me want to read about baseball. I’ve already ordered it!

    I’m very proud and happy for you and Liz.

    Love you,

    1. Thank you Lil Sis! It has been very exciting for us. Meeting Willie and having his suite for the game was thrilling beyond words! My editor, Liz and I will be on KNBR 680 Saturday from 3 PM until 6 PM. Tune in to hear it!

      Yes, I remember you asking me questions when you were really young. Dad and I watched and listened to thousands of baseball games! Him and our grandfathers passed their love of the game down to me.

      Enjoy reading Falling in Love With Baseball!

      Love always,

  6. Chris & Liz,

    Congratulations on this beloved project! Can’t wait to read the book. I’ll be giving a copy to my dad as well for his 80th birthday in August. He, too, feels that Willie is the best player to ever have played the game. When I see him, I’ll be sure to show him these pics of your 2 with Willie…in his private suite at the ballpark!!

    ALS is an awful disease. Thank you for your positivity and helping to fight it with all your might!


    1. Thank you Julie! Yes, it was thrilling beyond words to meet Willie and have his suite for the game! I hope you and your father enjoy the book.

      Thanks again!


  7. Hi Chris…..Wow, I’m always brought to tears when reading/hearing of someone’s dream coming true. Yours was no exception. How absolutely thrilling for you and Liz. Congratulations on the publishing of your book. I’ve ordered my copy and can’t wait to read it.
    Love & Hugs,

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