Bruce Bochy’s Foreword from Falling in Love With Baseball

I have been blessed to be involved with this great game of baseball my entire life. As I read through Chris Mavraedis’s remembrances of Falling in Love with Baseball, so many great memories resurfaced for me. Memories such as the precious and wonderful times that I had with my father, either listening on the radio or going to a game together. All the friends whom I played with or against and how so many years later everyone can still vividly remember the details of those games. Attending my very first major league game as a ten-year-old with my dad to see the Senators play in Washington, D.C. You never forget that first look at the beauty and majesty of a major league baseball field! That was the moment I knew I wanted to be a major leaguer. Also, of course, on this amazing run, I am fortunate to have been a major league player as well as manager.

Clockwise: from top left: KIm Bochy, Bruce Bochy, Liz Mavraedis, Chris Mavraedis

I know the wonderful stories in this book about Mays, McCovey, Marichal, and all the other great players will bring back many special memories for Giants fans everywhere. I feel blessed to be a part of this storied franchise, and when I read Chris’s beautiful stories about growing up with the Giants that feeling resonated even more so.

What a delightful read! Chris’s passion and love for the game exudes throughout. It lets us understand the correlation between this game and our life battles off the field. Chris’s on-field attitude and deep passion has extended to his ALS fight. Thanks for sharing, Chris, and for triggering the memories of what made each of us fall in love with baseball!

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  1. I grew up in Walnut Creek in the 50’s and 60’s and became very close friends with the Rigney family. When the Giant’s moved west in 58′ (I was 13) I along with my life long buddy Bill Jr. attended many games at Seals Stadium. And not just going to the game but spending pre and post game time in the club house and suiting up before the games for batting practice and pepper with Mays, Kirkland, Davenport and others. I could go on and on so many wonderful times(where was my iphone!!). I truly look forward to reading this book and sharing it with all my siblings who are all devote Giant fans.
    I am very sorry to add that my friend lost a long battle with Alzheimer’s four years ago so thanks for the memories Bill.
    Dave Jones, Chandler, AZ

    1. Thank you for your very nice message and buying my book! I have an ALS event tonight where they’re honoring my editor and me. Look for a post on here for all the details soon. I will answer your message more fully then.

      Thanks again!
      Chris Mavraedis

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